Audio by Title

Name Genre Date Direct Play Short Description
Titan Orchestral 2013
Things more important Orchestral 2011
Moral Implications Orchestral/Ambient 2011
A tribute to the Akan Ethno 2010
Bagatelle h-moll Piano Piece
Dismal Clouds Ambient Jazz 2010
Viewed in Sléndro Ethno 2011
Karvuus Orchestral 2013
The first light Orchestral 2013
Race against time 8bit 2014
Adventure Time 8bit 2014
Sinking Ship Ambient 2014
Mournful Silence Ambient/Downbeat 2011
At the pearly gates Medieval 2012
Cain Orchestral 2013
Orange Dust Slow Jazz 2012
Found Again Ambient 2012
Expanding Spaces Ambient 2012
A winner is you 8bit 2011
Caverns in EGA 8bit 2011
Kaleidoscope Ambient 2012
Falling leaves before sunrise Ethno/Ambient 2012
Quintessential Life Orchestral 2011
Twisted Road Slow Jazz 2009
Bow before me, for I am your imperator Orchestral 2011
Madness dwells from beyond Orchestral 2011
Imprinted Ambient 2013
Nightfall Orchestral/Ambient 2014


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