1. Cavity

Artwork by kampic under Licence.

A strange, mysterious piece of music, which perfectly captures the atmosphere of a Cavern/Underground Level. It even has a slight „Old Hollywood“ esprit, tipping the hat to one of the greatest film music composers of all time, Bernard Herrmann. It starts off with two harps, playing corresponding up and downwards arpeggios, but „sans harmonique“ (harmonics, overtones). A vibraphone joins in with the motor turned on, so that you really can hear those oldschool vibes (no pun intended). All this reminds me of water, slowly dripping form the ceiling, from myriads of stalactites. Slowly the vibes builds up a melody and the harpes begin to interwine their arpeggios. All while that is happening you hear some celli pizzicati in the background. At 1:16, there’s a climax, the melody goes up in ambitus and dynamic and one harp switches to glissandi-like arpeggios. The chords itsself are quite exotic, nothing here sounds „usual“ or like „I already heard that a thousand times“.

Aside from the obvious cave level, it would also fit some barren scenes quite well, be it an ice or a stone desert, even a eerie swamp setting.

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