Scrooping Old Mansion

  1. Scrooping Old Mansion

Artwork by Lisa Setrini-Espinosa under Licence

Description: A quite mysterious piece, featuring mainly woodwinds in orchestral contect and evoking pictures of victorian-era mansions, all with squeaky doors and strange howling winds. After the rather calm polytonal beginning in lydian mode there is a majestic minor brass/percussion hit, which makes it really suitable for cutscenes or in-game scripted events, where the evil antagonist – or his hideout – could be shown. A short interlude follows with harp and violin/flute/bassoon/celesta melody, which makes for a really eerie feeling, since this orchestration isn’t that typical. The following theme is repeated two times, firstly with 16th triplets harp arpeggios and swelling woodwinds and strings, secondly in a more trimphant fashion with trumpets and trombones.  Once more an interlude follows, which seems perfectly fit to show large evironments such as planets. The B Theme of the piece has a really great forward drive, and is reminescent to magical flying scenes. It features a constant staccato pulse of trombones and the melody is variation of Theme A. The rest of the piece is a variation of this theme, until it merges with all the other themes and slowly fades away.

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