Sinking Ship

  1. Sinking Ship

Artwork by hamletnc under royalty free licence.

This track is fully loopable. If you want a loopable track, mail me under Buy licence.

Description: This ambient piece would be perfectly fit water or undersee levels, with caverns to explore or giant fish swarms which roam the ground. Imagine a strange flowing scence, sometimes peaceful but other times with creatures fleeing or hunting. Since it has also an slightly action oriented passage, it would also fit vertical/horizontal shooters. It’s perfectly useable for background music. It’s a mixture of organic and industrial sounds, but more leaning towards an naturalistic palette.

The track starts with an quite organic sounding synth, followed by some phat analogue melody in minor. At 0:20 it changes to a gliding monophonic sound with even more melodic character, which leads to a slightly less dramatic and more serene motive with pad-blockchords. At 0:38 drums join the track and pushes the track vigorously. At 1:06 the piece calm down a bit, while still featuring percussive beats and cutoff arps. At 1:30 a second contrasting motive is introduced, with has a sad character. At 2:10 the track loops.

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